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A Revolution in Sealant Application

GC-Guns come in 3 sizes, for a variety of applications.

Every model of the GC-Gun has its own range of applications, together the Greater Caulking Guns can tackle any jobsite condition. Every size of the GC-Gun is rugged and durable, built of light weight aluminum the GC-Guns are easy to handle and will never rust. All GC-Guns are compatible with the largest sealant pack available on the market, the 34 oz sustainable GPack! The Greater Caulking Guns are also compatible with standard 10 oz or 20 oz sausage packs and conventional 10 oz plastic or cardboard caulking tubes.

GC1000, ergonomic long reach sealant applicator

The Ergonomic, Perfect Reach GC1000 is indespensible for high volume projects

The midsized GC1000 is ideal for floor-level sealant application and heights up to 10 feet from the ground. Guaranteed to save you time and increase production for perimeter acoustical sealant installation, concrete expansion joints, duct sealant, firestopping penetrations, sub-floor adhesive on floor joist, LEED and Energy Star construction and many more applications. The GC1000 combined with high-capacity GPacks provides a real improvement in production speed without compromising safety, in fact, using the GC1000 can improve posture and stance when applying sealants at ground-level, significantly reducing backache, knee injuries and complaints associated with these applications. Reaching up to 10 feet from the ground eliminates the need for ladders or scaffolding, and so eliminating the additional resources and hazards associated with working at heights.

GC2000, long reach sealant applicator

The Specialist Long Reach Caulk Gun

When the GC1000 just can't quite reach, the mighty 7 foot long GC2000 is the perfect tool for the job. The GC2000 can esily reach up to 13 feet from the ground, it's extra long reach allows you to reach through acoustical grid ceilings and between ductwork when firesafing penetrations. The GC2000 might be a more specialized tool but it's ideal for mechanical trades or building maintenance crews that must frequently access hard to reach areas. Just like the other GC-Guns, the GC2000 can use standard 10 oz tubes or 20 oz and 34 oz GPacks, this keeps the loaded gun light and easy to handle.

GC600, high capacity sealant applicator

Lastly, The GC600, a High Capacity gun for the GPack

The GC600 is our standard GPack Gun, it's about 28" long and can reach up to 8 feet high. Some spaces are too small for a long reach tool, that's where the GC600 comes in, it's our standard, base model designed to use the 34 oz GPacks. Priced to compete with standard sausage guns, the GC600's high capacity tube will save you time by cutting back cartridge reloading by almost half!

Trying to fire-safe penetrations with a regular caulk gun, up on a ladder, through an acoustical grid ceiling Using the GC2000 long reach caulk gun, sealant gun to fire safe 13' high from the ground.

In the construction trade any work 8 feet up from the floor requires additional resources, whether it's a ladder or scaffolding, a 40' lift or a pair of stilts. Work at heights also expose workers to fall hazards and OSHA claims. Often times height is not an issue at all, but instead there is so much mechanical infrastructure above the ceiling not even a little kid could squeeze up there. Well sir, squeeze no more! I offer you a Greater Caulk Gun, a tool to simplify caulking applications both high and low.

The GC-Gun is a long reach caulk gun that is available in a variety of lengths. The smallest model, the GC-600 is a typical sausage gun with a few inches added to increase its capacity. The more capable GC-1000 is our flagship model, with a total length of 42 inches the GC-1000 is ergonomically designed for both floor-level applications and work up to 10 feet above the floor. The GC-2000 is our specialist long reach caulk gun, a whopping 84” long, this caulk gun can access hard-to-reach areas above ceilings and at heights up to 13 feet high.

The GC-Guns are guaranteed to increase job site production and reduce costs. Not only faster, but also much safer and easier to use than traditional methods. To learn more of the advantages of our line of longer, high capacity caulk guns, click on the GC-1000 sausage gun below.

Every model of the GC-Gun has an extended capacity and a fully-enclosed body designed for use with collapsible foil packs (often called sausages or chubs) it can also be used with 10oz standard sealant tubes. Foil packs are the future of sealant and adhesive packaging. They are easier and less costly to produce and capable of reducing cartridge waste by nearly 90%! To learn more about foil packs/sausages click on the chub below.

At this time only a handful of manufacturers offer foil packaging for their products, it is our goal at ND Tools to turn this around!

Growing public awareness of sustainable construction and green buildings make the benefits of foil packaging for both contractors and the environment impossible to ignore. The ND Tools store will carry the biggest variety of foil packed sealants available yet! By working closely with manufacturers and re-packaging bulk product in-house we will continue to expand our selection of foil packed sealants. We are also currently developing a 34oz (1000ml) sausage pack for high volume projects.

applying fire caulk around a duct penetration with the 1M GC-Gun; the GC1000.